Criminal Defense Success Stories

Client Charged with Malicious Wounding by Mob and Robbery

Alleged victim was beaten up by a group of people and his wallet was taken after he was knocked out unconscious. Victim was intoxicated when incident occurred.  Initially, victim did not know who the aggressors were.  He identified client as one of the aggressors a week after the incident. At trial, on cross-examination, victim agreed that he knew client, knew his name, and knew where he lived; as he had hired client to do work with victim on several occasions. Victim also admitted knowing client as living in the same townhouse complex as him.  Police officers also confirmed that after the incident (and before client was arrested), victim made several calls to police to report loud parties and other criminal activity taking place in his neighborhood.

Result: Client was found not guilty of all charges. Client had maintained his innocence from the beginning.

Client Charged with Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer

Police responded to an apartment for a report of a fight. Two officers arrived and found client talking with two other individuals. There was no fight. Client was questioned by police and eventually handcuffed by officers for suspicion of carrying Marijuana (due to smell). Police officers testified that after client was handcuffed, he kicked one of the officers. At preliminary hearing, during cross-examination, officers admitted that client was handcuffed and sat down on a low-standing bench. Counsel argued that it would have been impossible for client to make any furtive, willful movements based on how he was restrained. Judge agreed and did not certify (i.e. did not find probable cause – a low standard – that client committed the felony) the case to proceed to Circuit Court.

Result: The case was dropped by the prosecutor and never brought back.

Client Charged with Malicious Wounding

Client, as 18 year old high school student, was charged with malicious wounding (a felony with a maximum penalty between 5 and up to 20 years in prison) for allegedly striking victim’s leg with a baseball bat. The victim was client’s ex-girlfriend. Prosecutor would not offer any reductions and demanded a jury trial. At the jury trial, evidence showed that the injuries were not significant to reach the level of a felonious assault and client testified that if there was a touching it was accidental and it happened while the victim’s new boyfriend was fighting client.

Result: The jury found client guilty of simple assault and battery (a misdemeanor).

Client Charged with Reckless Driving After Serious Accident

Client failed to yield while making a left turn and was t-boned by another car. The other driver suffered serious injuries and had to be taken to the hospital where he remained for four days and was forced to miss almost a month of work. Client was charged with reckless driving (a Class 1 misdemeanor). The prosecutor did not make any offers and we went to trial. At trial, the victim could not identify client as the driver. Two officers testified and neither could provide indisputable evidence that client was the driver (client had a passenger and other family members were present around vehicle when police arrived).

Result: The judge dismissed the charge as the prosecution could not identify client as the driver.

Client Charged with False Identity to Law Enforcement

Client was pulled for suspicion that a child sitting in the back of his car was not properly secured. Client gave a false name to police officer. He was charged with driving without a license and giving false information to law enforcement (Class 1 misdemeanor). Prosecutor did not make any offers to get rid of the False ID charge (which would have been devastating to client’s immigration status). At trial, we argued a motion to suppress all evidence based on an unlawful detention. During cross-examination, officer agreed with defense counsel that he did not know the age of the “person” sitting in the back and he never got alongside client’s vehicle to check that this person was in fact a child and that he was not properly secured.

Result: Our motion to suppress was granted and both charges were dismissed.

Immigration Law Success Stories

Immigration Law Case #1

We did a Company based cased for an employee that was a student and he wanted to find a way to stay permanently in the US. He was from a Southamerican country, and he was thinking to ask for Asylum, so he could stay in the US for good.

Result: We were able to work with his employer to get his process started, and after 2 and a half years, he and his wife became permanent residents, which is much faster and less risky if he had gone for a weak asylum case.

Immigration Law Case #2

We did a case for a High Profile International Human Rights Lawyer and she was sponsored by a non-profit in Washington DC to work on research and various projects regarding Human Rights and we were able to process her case really quickly.

Result: She had her Permanent Resident status in 2 years. These cases take an average of 3 years.

Immigration Law Case #3

We had a client who was charged for receiving stolen property and he was convicted because he was not very well represented in his criminal trial and because of the type of crime he faced very serious immigration charges, he was detained with no right to a bond. Although he was a permanent resident, they tried to deport him, we were trying to keep his green card, we lost his case.

Result: We appealed all the way to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and we got the law changed, we got a precedent case of immigration overturned. In the meantime, he got removed from the United States, and because we won at the 4th Circuit we were able to have Immigration bring him back and he was able to obtain his permanent residence. All this process took about 5 years.

Immigration Law Case #4

We represented a Gentleman who had a final order of removal or deportation who also had criminal convictions.

Result: We were able to obtain a U visa for him because he was a victim of a crime and so we were able to apply and obtain a waiver of both his deportation and his Criminal Record and allow him to remain legally in the US.

Personal Injury Law Success Stories

Rear End Car Accident and Shoulder Injury

We had a client that had a car accident. His rear end got hit pretty hard. Our client is about 64 years old, and in this accident, he suffered a significant shoulder injury. We went to therapy, but he didn’t see substantial improvement. Therefore, the therapist referred him to a surgeon to evaluate him, in case he might need surgery. Because of his age, the surgeon told him that the procedure was not going to be 100% effective, so he decided he was not going to have it. Our client worked selling wholesale products and had to miss work several times; the therapy was very time-consuming. It was one of those cases where insurance companies don’t want to give any compensation and give trouble with medical receipts.

Result: In the end, we were able to get a favorable result: compensation was paid almost 100K for his damages, which is nearly the limit of the insurance policy that our client had and with that he could be calmer, financially.

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