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Cities throughout Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. are embracing the use of dockless electric scooters, or e-scooters. E-scooters draw tourists and locals who enjoy experiencing Northern Virginia’s charming neighborhoods, restaurants, and shops while on scooters. With the increased use of scooters in Northern Virginia, however,  comes an increased risk of accidents caused by electric scooters. 

Many scooter riders do not have experience riding scooters. Some operate the scooters while distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Combining the use of scooters that drive up to 14 miles per hour with the congested streets of Northern Virginia can be a recipe for accidents and serious injuries. 

If you or a family member have suffered an injury in a Northern Virginia scooter accident, Priale & Racine Attorneys at Law PLLC can help. Depending on the collision, scooter riders, pedestrians, and motor vehicle drivers could be at fault. One of our skilled personal injury attorneys will investigate your scooter accident to help determine whose negligence caused the accident. 

If another person’s negligent actions or inaction caused the accident that resulted in your injuries, you might be entitled to compensation. We give all of our clients the necessary personal attention they deserve as we fight for their right to compensation. Contact our firm today to schedule your initial consultation. 

Using Electric Scooters can Cause Injuries

Electric scooters are becoming more common in Northern Virginia. Scooter riders can locate available scooters by using an app on their smartphone. Users find an available scooter, ride it for however long they would like, pay for the use, and then leave it. Several electric scooter companies operate in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C., including the following:

  • LimeBike
  • Spin
  • MoBike
  • Jump DC
  • Bird

Scooters are an affordable and fun way to tour Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Prince Williams, and Falls Church. Nonetheless, electric scooters pose a risk of injury to riders and pedestrians alike. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently found that e-scooters resulted in 14.3 injuries per 100,000 rides. It also found that almost half of all injuries resulting from e-scooter accidents resulted in head trauma

Additionally, 18% of e-scooter injuries involved a collision with at least one motor vehicle. Approximately half of those interviewed stated that a street condition such as a crack or a pothole caused their scooter injury. After head injuries, upper extremity bone fractures caused 27% of scooter injuries. Lower extremity bone fractures accounted for 12% of scooter injuries. 

Electric scooter accidents frequently result in people taking trips to the emergency room. E-scooter accidents have even resulted in death in eight cases according to Consumer Reports. One accident on an electric scooter could result in hefty medical bills, time off of work, and life-long complications related to the scooter injury.

Common Causes of Northern Virginia Scooter Accidents

Northern Virginia cities are full of motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians, scooterists, and bicyclists. Among the fun and excitement of taking in the town, many pedestrians and drivers may not be focusing on driving and walking, resulting in an accident. Many factors can cause electric scooter injuries, such as:


  • An electric scooter rider is under the age of 18 and lacks the experience to ride the scooter safely
  • A rider loses control of the scooter and collides with an object like a telephone pole, traffic light, or building 
  • A scooter rider collides with another pedestrian, motor vehicle, or scooter rider 
  • An electric scooter malfunctions and causes a scooter collision
  • A pedestrian trips over an electric scooter lying on the ground, resulting in an injury
  • An electric scooter rider rides over a dangerous road condition such as a pothole and suffers an injury

If You Have Suffered an Injury From a Scooter Accident in Northern Virginia, We can Help

If a defective scooter caused your injuries, you might be able to bring a lawsuit against the scooter manufacturer or the scooter app company for damages. If a motor vehicle driver negligently collided with you while you ride a scooter, you may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. Finally, if a dangerous road condition like a pothole caused your scooter accident, the city or locality in which the accident happened may be liable. 

Whatever the cause of your electric scooter accident, it is crucial to speak with a skilled Northern Virginia personal injury attorney. Priale & Racine Attorneys at Law PLLC can help you determine who was at fault in your accident and advise you as to the best way to seek compensation. Contact our law firm today to set up your free case review.

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