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motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts love to ride on the open road and experience the sense of freedom that only motorcycle riding can offer. While motorcycles provide riders a uniquely enjoyable experience, motorcycle collisions can result in severe injuries or even death. Motorcycles are uniquely dangerous because of their small size and the lack of external protection they give to riders. 

The force of the accident often throws a motorcyclist from the motorcycle. Other times, motorcyclists can become pinned down under their bikes. When a car, truck, or SUV collides with a motorcycle, the result can be disastrous for the motorcyclist. 

If you or a family member have suffered a severe injury caused by a motorcycle collision, you may be entitled to several types of compensation under Virginia law. At Priale & Racine Attorneys at Law PLLC, we have a long history of successfully fighting for the rights of our clients who have suffered an injury in motorcycle injuries. 

Many car and truck owners drive negligently around motorcyclists. Because of the comparatively small size of motorcycles, they are particularly susceptible to collisions with other vehicles. If you are interested in learning about possible options for seeking legal compensation for your injuries, we can help. Contact our Northern Virginia law office today to receive a free case review. 

The Risk of Suffering an Injury in a Motorcycle Collision is Significant

Motorcyclists who fail to wear a helmet are more likely to receive injuries than those who do wear helmets. In 2012, only 65% of motorcyclists wore a helmet when riding.

In 2016, the Governors Highway Safety Association found that 5,286 motorcycle fatalities occurred. Motorcyclists were a stunning 26 times more likely to die in an accident than those driving passenger cars in 2016. 

The fatality rate for motorcyclists was 25.85 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2016. In 2015, the injury rate for motorcyclists was 451 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. In 2015, 88,000 suffered injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident. 

Finally, in 2017, 29 percent of motorcyclists killed were caused by collisions in which at least one driver was driving while impaired by alcohol. As you can see, motorcyclists face some unique safety risks that other drivers do not suffer.

That is why motorcyclists and drivers of passenger cars must take the utmost care on the road.

Virginia Follow the Doctrine of Contributory Negligence

Virginia is one of only a handful of states that follows the doctrine of contributory negligence. If the jury finds that the injured person who is suing was at fault in any way, the injured person cannot recover at all. Consider an example in which a negligent truck driver collided with a motorcyclist and caused the motorcyclist injuries. The motorcyclist could sue the negligent truck driver for compensation for his or her injuries. 

If the motorcyclist was not negligent at all, he or she would recover the full amount of damages that the jury awards. However, if the motorcyclist negligently failed to turn on his or her brake lights, then he or she may also be found at fault for the accident. Even if the jury determines that the motorcyclist is only 1% at fault and the truck driver was 99% at fault, the court will completely bar the motorcyclist from recovering.

The contributory negligence doctrine makes it difficult for a motorcyclist to sue defendants successfully in Northern Virginia. If you are considering bringing a lawsuit for a motorcycle accident, it is wise to hire skilled attorneys. Our attorneys have years of experience  successfully overcoming the doctrine of contributory negligence. 

We fight to show that negligent drivers were the sole cause of the accidents from which our clients suffered their injuries. At Priale & Racine Attorneys at Law PLLC, we have the resources to investigate your motorcycle accident to prove fault thoroughly. We understand that the stakes are high for our clients who have suffered injuries, and that is why we fight for their right to compensation.

Compensation Available to Those Injured in Motorcycle Accidents

Successful motorcycle accident plaintiffs may be entitled to several different types of compensation, such as:

  • The cost of medical care, physical therapy, home health nurses, and medical equipment
  • An amount for pain and suffering caused by the accident
  • An amount for past and future loss of income
  • Punitive damages in extreme cases

At Priale & Racine Attorneys at Law PLLC, we have a successful track record of negotiating favorable settlements on behalf of our clients. Our Northern Virginia personal injury trial lawyers are skilled at fighting for our clients at trial. Contact our law firm today to schedule your free case evaluation. 

motorcycle accident

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