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Sometimes in life, accidents happen. When they do, they can leave you seriously injured.

Often, accident victims are not able to return to work for weeks or even months afterward. During this time of recovery, medical bills and other expenses pile up. Accident victims often are not sure how they are going to pay for these costs.

When an accident was the fault of someone else, you can claim compensation from the at-fault party. However, these claims are much more complicated than they seem.

If you want to file a claim, you should speak to one of our Northern Virginia attorneys at Priale & Racine, PLLC.

Personal Injury Liability

All Virginians are responsible for the safety of those around them. Drivers must use proper care when driving to keep others safe. Property owners must ensure that their property is safe for others to enter. Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe to use.

When anyone fails to meet these responsibilities, they can be deemed negligent. Negligence is the legal concept upon which most personal injury cases rest.

When a person is negligent and someone becomes hurt as a result, the negligent party can be found liable.

In cases in which someone was liable for an accident, an attorney can help you hold that person accountable for paying you compensation for your injuries.

This is how accident victims get the financial help they need. However, if you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else, you should not try to file a personal injury claim on your own. Let us help.

Insurance Companies

Regardless of how you were hurt, you will likely have to deal with an insurance company. Auto accidents will always involve at least one insurance company. Slip and falls and other premises liability accidents will involve a homeowner’s insurance policy, or that of a business.

If you are holding a manufacturer responsible, their insurance company will become involved, as well. Many accident victims think the insurance company is there to help in their time of need. In reality, insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests.

Insurance companies want to keep their profits. That means they go to great lengths to deny, reduce, or delay your settlement. They will try many tactics when doing this. They will try to get you to admit fault for your own injuries. They will come to you when you are most vulnerable, asking you to sign a medical release. They will comb through your medical records, looking for signs of a pre-existing condition. They will take your words out of context and use them against you.

Insurance companies will try all of this so that they do not have to pay you the compensation you deserve.

An attorney will not let them get away with it. An attorney knows these tactics the insurance companies use. An attorney will refute the insurance company’s claims of fault, and hold them accountable for paying you what you deserve. An attorney can even speak with the insurance company on your behalf.


What types of Personal Injury Claims Does Priale & Racine Handle?

At Priale & Racine, PLLC, we handle many different types of personal injury cases.

The most common we see include:

  • Bicycle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Premises liability accidents
  • Dangerous or defective products
  • Dog bites

When you trust your personal injury claim to our experienced legal team, you know you are giving your case the best chance of success.

How Can Priale & Racine Help Me?

When you entrust us with your case, we will help you with it from the very beginning until you receive a fair settlement, or a judge or jury makes a decision in your case.

When you work with us, we will:

  • Ensure you understand your rights
  • Provide legal advice and guidance to protect your claim
  • Complete a full investigation to determine who was liable for your accident
  • Communicate with your medical providers
  • Provide a full evaluation of the compensation to which you are entitled
  • Negotiate with the insurance company or at-fault party
  • Represent you in court, if necessary

When you work with us, you will know that you are giving your case the best chance of success.

How Long Do I Have To File a Personal Injury Claim?

Virginia provides injury victims with a two-year statute of limitations in which to file a claim seeking compensation. If you wait to file until after two years have passed, you could lose your right to a financial settlement.

What If I Don't Have Enough Money To Pay For A Personal Injury Attorney?

You can still get the legal help you need. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that your attorney’s fees come out of the final settlement amount. If you don’t receive a settlement, you don’t pay.

What Are Non-Economic Damages In Personal Injury Claims?

While financial damages are obvious, non-economic damages reflect how your injuries have changed your quality of life for the worse. These damages include damage done to your marriage, emotional distress, disfigurement, lost enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering.

Can I Represent Myself?

Many accident victims think they can handle their personal injury claim on their own. Sometimes, that is true. However, accident victims who want to claim the maximum amount of compensation possible should always have professional legal representation.

In 1999, the Insurance Research Council found that accident victims received more compensation when they were represented by an attorney. Findings in their 2014 report stated that accident victims actually received three and a half times more in compensation when represented by a personal injury lawyer.

When you work with an attorney at Priale & Racine, PLLC, you know you are giving your case the best chance of success.

How Can I Contact Priale & Racine?

If you have been hurt in an accident that was the fault of someone else, you need the help of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Northern Virginia.

At Priale & Racine, PLLC, we are passionate about helping accident victims claim the compensation they need.

If you are hurt, call us today at (703) 272-3922 or contact us online for your free consultation.

You may be entitled to compensation.

We want to help you get it.

Do I Have a Case If I Was Partially At Fault For the Accident?

Unlike most states, Virginia still observes what’s known as “contributory negligence.” Under this law, if you were at all responsible for causing the accident, you won’t be allowed to file a personal injury claim. This applies even if your own responsibility was minimal.

Will My Personal Injury Case Have To Go To Court?

Not necessarily. Most cases can be settled through negotiations if the at-fault party and their insurance company are willing to cooperate. This usually depends on how strong your case is, as they’ll want to avoid paying court fees in addition to the settlement if a verdict is unlikely to be in their favor.

Can I Seek Compensation If The Government Was Responsible For My Injury?

Yes, although special rules apply to cases against government entities in Virginia. In particular, the amount of time you have to file a claim is much shorter. Claims against towns or cities must be brought within six months, while a claim against the state will need to be filed within one year.

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