Many illegal immigrants have the same doubt about paying taxes:

Is it a good idea to share our information with the government

Which pursues to deport us?

Well, despite not having a legal status yet,

Paying taxes might benefit you in the future

When you want to regularize your immigration status.

Yes, paying your taxes not only benefits the State to collect money

That will transmit in better services, but it will also benefit you.

In this article, we explain the immigration benefits of paying your taxes on time.

Taxes demonstrate your permanence for the ten years law

Some people ignore the importance of paying taxes on time.

Without knowing that paying taxes might be a big help for your immigration case.

You may obtain benefits as the cancellation law, for example,

Better known as the 10 years law.

For the 10 years law, it is necessary to prove that you have been in the country for that period.

And the most direct way to do it is through your taxes.

Taxes are the mandatory requirement in relatives petitions

In case you want to apply for a relative petition,

One of the mandatory requests is to keep up with tax payments.

It’s simple, if you don’t pay your taxes,

The case wouldn’t be approved,

And you will not be able to petition any relative.

Taxes help to go out in cases of illegal immigration detention

In case you are detained for immigration,

If you have not paid your taxes,

Your case will be more complicated.

It is easier than a judge allows you to be released on bail

If you fulfill your citizen’s duties.

Paying taxes is an obligation of each citizen

And residents in the United States.

But, you not only have to pay them to improve your quality of life,

But to prove to the justice

Or any immigration court your good intentions with the country.

Taxes will help you to obtain the citizenship

Like the previous point,

Paying taxes will prove your good intentions.

One of the requirements to obtain citizenship

Is to have good moral conduct.

Therefore, to keep up with the IRS might be considered,

While not doing it will surely be considered as tax evasion.

There are no risks in paying taxes if you are not legal

We have seen all the benefits

That may have your immigration case if you pay taxes.

But, isn’t it risky to share my information with the government?

We recommend you to pay your taxes,

Since, in addition to the benefits exposed,

The IRS does not share its information with other governmental agencies.

Therefore, by paying your taxes, you will not lose your anonymity.

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