Alcohol and cars are not a good match.

It looks like a logic statement and common sense, right?

However, we started our article with that statement

Because we frequently receive, in our DUI’s attorneys’ offices in Virginia, people looking for defense

Because they are facing charges for driving under the effects of alcohol and drugs.

We know that all cases of criminal defense are hard.

The stress, anxiety for finishing the process, uncertainty, and fear for our future;

All of that may play tricks on the accused.

We, as specialized attorneys in criminal defense and DUI,

Are prepared to provide an outstanding defense for each case.

But, are you ready for it?

To help us win your case, you must be ready too.

If a police officer stops you for a presumed DUI,

You will know what you shouldn’t do if you are stopped for DUI.

What is DUI?

In English, DUI means ‘Driving Under the Influence’;

That means driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It’s possible that, in many Latin American countries,

Getting into a car after drinking a little bit of alcohol is not a very serious thing.

But that not means that it’s okay.

It’s a serious problem that must change!

Nevertheless, in the United States, driving under the influence of alcohol

Is a felony that merits punishments and even prison.

Penalties increases depending on many factors,

Such as the level of alcohol in blood, relapse, among others.

Although mixing alcohol and driving is a serious matter.

If a police officer ever stops you,

these are the three things you shouldn’t do.

The three things that you shouldn’t do if a police officer stops you for DUI

To have more chances to win your DUI’s case, you must have in mind three things.

N°1 DO NOT admit that you have drunk alcohol.

Remember that everything you say can and will be used against you.

So any comment that you make can be evidence to incriminate you.

Police officers will look for evidence

So the prosecutor can obtain a sentence against you.

You can’t say anything to the police, ever.

It’s too risky.

You don’t know what police officers are trying to find.

2nd. DO NOT accede to make sobriety tests

Even if you think you can make them, remember that.

These DUI tests are not designed for you to pass.

They were made to generate more evidence against you and make our job harder.

You have the right to refuse if the officer says it is a sobriety test.

3rd. DO NOT blow in the machine that the police officer offers to you.

Your attorney will have a lot more chances to win your case in court

If you refuse to blow.

Again, you have the right to refuse to blow the breathalyzer.

If you follow this piece of advice,

Your chances to have a good case will rise,

And your attorney will be able to defend you better.

Look for the representation of a DUI attorney in Virginia

This article pretends to be useful and informative,

But legal issues can very complicated and stressful.

Our team of attorneys in Priale & Racine will handle all your legal needs,

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